Organizing silver jubilee celebrations of the largest dental institute, Army Dental Center (R&R)

The Jubilee celebrations were organized by Army Dental Center of Research and Referral (ADC R&R) on May 01, 2024, on completion of 25 years of its establishment.

Key Points

  • On this occasion, Western Command General Officer Commanding in Chief Lieutenant General MK Katiyar has also released a special postal cover in memory of the program.
  • On the occasion of the foundation day of the institute, ‘Major General RN Dogra Memorial speech’ given by dental experts every year, ‘Swami Vivekananda Subharti University’s Vice Chancellor of Meerut, Major General GK Thapliyal, (retired) on the subject of “India that is India” Has gone.

About Army Dental Center (R&R)

  • It is the largest dental institution of the armed forces, which facilitates postgraduate training in five specific courses for dentistry.
  • For dental, dentists of this establishment have achieved significant achievements in dental by executing various specialist processes such as cranioplasty; It is included in specific surgicals. TMJ Arthroscopy under it; The head has a repair or replacement of bone flap, which is often done to fix the defects arising in the skull due to trauma, previous surgery or congenital abnormalities; A small and simple procedure is used for diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which connects the jaw to the skull and other complex surgery related problems.
  • The institute has tried to use nitrous oxide-oxygen (minimum unconscious drug) for angilysis and analgesia during general oral surgery and rehabilitation treatment in all age groups.
  • It is the only center using intraolic scanners for the manufacture of computer aided designing (CAD), computer aided manufacturing (CAM) prosthesis in the armed forces.

Computer Aided Designing (CAD)

  • It is a system in which designs and drawings are made using computer software and hardware.
  • The CAD system is used for a variety of 2D and 3D graphics. It is used in engineering designs, arcate, product design, animation and mapping.
  • CAD software is usually vector-based in which lines, rectangles, circles and curves can be made. Autocad, Solidworks, Catia and Creo are prime examples of this.
  • The CAD system is capable of creating accurate measurements, sizes and specifications. It reduces modeling and design time and also reduces the possibility of human error.
  • Detailed and complex designs can be created through 3D CAD and they can be seen from different angles. This makes it easier to understand the design.
  • The design can be changed through parametric modeling in CAD and they are automatically updated.
  • CAD data can also be used in digital prototyping, computer aided manufacturing (CAM), philanite element analysis etc.

Computer aided Manufacturing (CAM)

  • This is a process in which manufacturing is done using computer software and machinery.
  • The CAM system takes CAD data and generates code for various CNC (computer pneumical control) machines. This leads to machine -directed manufacturing.
  • Process: First, the CAD model of the design is made. The CAM then analyzes software design and creates CNC code on that basis. This code is read by machines that make up the desired product.
  • Uses: CAM is used in manufacturing processes such as machining, milling, turning, drilling, burning, chipping, forging and injection molding.
  • Examples: Mastercam, NX CAM, Cimatrone, Edgecam, ESPRIT etc. are prime examples of CAM software.

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