Black Guava: Features, Cultivation, Production etc.

Black guava fruit is called the king of guavas. Black guava has been developed at Bihar Agricultural University

Black guava fruit is called the king of guavas. Black guava has been developed at Bihar Agricultural University and was first cultivated in Bhagalpur (Bihar). This guava is black from outside and red from inside.

Its trees, flowers and leaves are also light black in colour. Let us know about its features, cultivation, production etc:

Features of black guava

  • It is a medicinal fruit.
  • Its leaves and inner pulp are dark red in color.
  • The weight of the fruit is about 100 grams.
  • Antioxidants are found in the highest quantity in this fruit.
  • Vitamin-A, Vitamin-B, Vitamin C, calcium and iron along with multivitamins and minerals are found inside it.
  • Consuming it increases the immunity of the body.
  • This fruit is rich in nutrients.


  • There should be cool and dry temperatures.
  • Black guava cultivation is suitable in loamy soil.
  • In this, high concentration of urea or ethephon-urea spray is used.


  • Black guava is produced in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh of India.
  • India ranks second in the production of guava.

About guava

  • Guava originated from the West Indies.
  • Vitamin C is found in large quantities in it. Apart from this, Vitamin A and B are also found in it. It contains iron, lime and phosphorus in good quantity.
  • The famous varieties of guava in India are Allahabadi Safeda, Red Gudevala, Spotted, Bitter Gourd, Bedana and Guava Apple.


  • Guava is cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical climates.
  • Areas with high rainfall more than 1245 cm are not suitable for its gardening.
  • Hot and dry climate is most suitable for guava.


These are Allahabadi Safeda, Sardar 49 Lucknow, Sebanuma Guava, Allahabadi Surkha, Behat Coconut etc. Apart from this, there are varieties like Spotted, Red Flested, Dholka, Nashik Dhardar, etc. Allahabadi Safeda is best for gardening. Allahabadi Surkha is a new variety of guava. This species has evolved as a natural mutant.


  • Botanical name – Psidium Guajava
  • Species – Psidium
  • Species – Guajava
  • Clan – mitsi
In which states is black guava produced in India?

Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh

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