Chatham Saw Mill: History, Production Process and Products

Chatham Sawmill is a major lumber processing mill located in the city of Chatham in the Canadian province of Ontario and established in 1920.

Chatham Saw Mill is a major lumber processing mill located in the city of Chatham in the Canadian province of Ontario. It is almost a century old and was established in the 1920s. It is a well organized and efficient plant that produces all major wood products.


  • The history of Chatham Saw Mill is linked to the beginning of the sunflower lumber industry.
  • In the 1920s, the Chatham area was one of Ontario’s leading lumber production centres.
  • Due to the high demand for sunflower lumber, the Chatham Sawmill was established to meet the demand for felling trees and processing the lumber in the area.
  • In the early years, Chatham Saw Mill was a small facility with only a few employees. But gradually it expanded and became a big plant. By the 1950s, it had become the largest lumber processing plant in the area.

Production Process

  • Chatham Saw Mill has an extensive wood processing process. In the first step the logs are taken to a sawmill where they are cut into smaller pieces. These pieces are then killed so that their moisture can be extracted. After this they are placed in the planer where their surface is smoothed.
  • The wood is then converted into many different products such as planks, framing lumber, furniture lumber, etc. as required. Each product is processed by machines followed by a packing and sending process.

Important aspects of Chatham Saw Mill

  • It facilitates all types of wood processing – killing, planing, ripping, cross-cutting etc.
  • There is a power plant located near it which generates electricity from wood made from waste.
  • It follows strict standards to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of employees.
  • It only sources wood from certified sustainable forests so that the forests are conserved.
  • Almost all the products are exported to different parts of the US and Canada.


  • Chatham Sawmill’s main products include planks, furniture lumber, flooring, moldings, packing case lumber, pallets, etc.
  • These products are used in construction, furniture, packaging and other industries.
When was Chatham Saw Mill established?

In 1920.

Chatham Sawmill is related to which country?


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