Namo 108: New Species of Lotus Flower

Namo 108 is a new species of lotus. This species of lotus has 108 petals.

Council of Industrial Research – (National Botanical Research Institute) CSIR-NBRI, Lucknow has developed a new variety of lotus flower ‘Namo 108’. 

Science and Technology Minister Jitendra Singh has unveiled this new species of lotus. Union Minister Singh told that NaMo 108, which came in the tenth year of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is a grand tribute to PM Modi’s tireless enthusiasm and innate beauty. On this occasion, Dr. Jitendra Singh has also started Kamal Abhiyan. This campaign is a project to be taken up in mission mode like other priority schemes.

About Namo 108

Namo 108 is a new species of lotus, which has 108 petals. This variety has been developed at a premier plant-based, multidisciplinary, state-of-the-art National Research and Development Center located in Lucknow. This unique species has been named ‘NaMo 108’ by the National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI). This species of Indian national flower blooms from March to December. It is rich in nutrients more than other species of lotus. It is the first species of lotus whose genome has been completely sequenced for its characteristics.

Important Points:

  • Dr. Jitendra Singh also presented a lotus fiber garment developed by NBRI under the Lotus Research Program in collaboration with Fragrance and Flavor Development Center (FFDC), Kannauj and a perfume ‘Fruits’ extracted from lotus flowers. Released.
  • Union Minister Singh also released a new variety of GhritKumari/Guarpatha (Aloe vera) ‘NBRI-Nihar’. It has about 2.5 times more gel yield than normal aloe vera.
  • He also inaugurated an exhibition dedicated to nutra-central byproducts.
  • In yet another unique initiative of recycling, Dr.Jitendra Singh has also released herbal colors for various applications.

Along with the unveiling of the Namo 108 flower, Dr Jitendra Singh also released a database of 500 raw drug stores of the institute developed as per the Indian Pharmacopoeia Standards. He released a book on roses in the garden of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research – National Botanical Research Institute (CSIR-NBRI). This book includes details of specific species preserved in the Botanical Garden.


What is NaMo 108?

This is a new species of lotus, named after PM Modi. Namo 108 flower has 108 petals.

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