International Nurses Day – 12 May

The theme of International Nurses Day being celebrated on 12 May 2024 is "Our Nurses, Our Future,The economic power of care".

Every year on 12 May, ‘International Nurses Day’ is celebrated all over the world. ​The theme of International Nurses Day for the year 2024 is Our Nurses, Our Future,The economic power of care.


The main objective of this day is to acknowledge the role and contribution of nurses, demand better working conditions for them and inspire youth to take up nursing career.

History of International Nurses Day

  • International Nurses Day was started in 1965 by the International Council of Nurses (ICN).
  • May 12 is the birthday of Florence Nightingale, who is considered the founder of modern nursing. Therefore this day is celebrated in his memory.
  • ​Florence Nightingale trained other nurses and served as their manager during the Crimean War of the 1850s.
  • Florence Nightingale is also known as ‘Lady with the Lamp’.
  • Florence Nightingale proved through statistics how health can reduce the impact of any epidemic.


  • Recognizing the Contribution of Nurses: This day provides an opportunity to honor the role of nurses and the important work done by them. Nurses are an integral part of the health care system.
  • Raising Public Awareness: General awareness about the nursing profession is raised through programs and publicity campaigns organized on this occasion.\
  • Promoting Nursing Career: Nurses Day inspires the youth to take up nursing career. It highlights the challenges and prospects of the profession.
  • Highlighting the problems of nurses: The day provides a platform to highlight the challenges of nurses such as working hours, safety, salary etc.
  • Promote global collaboration: Celebrations of this day in different countries and regions enhance coordination and collaboration among the nursing community.
  • Promotion of Nursing Education and Research: This day focuses on improving nursing education, training and research.
What is the theme of International Nurses Day 2024?

Our Nurses, Our Future, The economic power of care.

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