Sachin Tendulkar becomes National Icon of Election Commission

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Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, who is called the God of Cricket, has been selected as the national icon for voter awareness and education by the Election Commission of India. An event was held at Akashvani Rang Bhawan, New Delhi, in which Sachin Tendulkar was inaugurated as the ‘National Icon of the Election Commission’ for a period of three years in the presence of Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar and Election Commissioners Anup Chandra Pandey and Arun Goyal. Signed a memorandum of understanding.

This association of the legendary cricketer is an important step towards increasing voter participation in the upcoming elections, especially the general elections 2024. Through this partnership, the Election Commission of India aims to bridge the gap between citizens, especially youth and urban populations, and the electoral process to address the challenges of urban and youth apathy.

Sachin Tendulkar as National Icon of Election Commission

Sachin Tendulkar expressed his enthusiasm and commitment towards his role as a national icon of the Election Commission of India. He said that for a vibrant democracy like India, youth play an important role in nation building. Tendulkar said that just as the hearts that beat for Team India during youth sports matches chant ‘India, India’ in unison, they will also beat to take our precious democracy forward. One of the simplest and most powerful ways to do this is to cast your vote regularly. From thronging stadiums to thronging polling booths, from standing with the national team to taking out time to cast our vote, we will keep the spirit and enthusiasm going, he added. When youth from every corner of the country participate in large numbers in electoral democracy, we will see a prosperous future for our country.

Election Commission of India designates eminent Indian personalities from various walks of life as National Icons of Election Commission of India to inspire voters to participate in the festival of democracy by associating with them. Before Sachin Tendulkar, the commission had last year recognized veteran actor Pankaj Tripathi as a national icon. Prior to that the commission had selected veterans like MS Dhoni, Aamir Khan and Mary Kom as national icons of the Election Commission of India.

Which Indian has recently been selected as the ‘National Icon of the Election Commission’?

Sachin Tendulkar has been selected as the National Icon of the Election Commission of India on 23 August 2023. They have signed an MoU for three years.

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