Supersonic missile-assisted release of Torpedo (Smart) System Flight Tests successfully from Odisha coast

Supersonic missile-assisted release of Torpedo (Smart) System was successfully tested by the Defense Research and Development Organization.

Supersonic missile-assisted release of Torpedo (Smart) System was successfully tested by the Defense Research and Development Organization on May 01, 2024 at 8:30 am on the beach of Odisha from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Island.

About supersonic missile-assisted release of Torpedo (Smart)

  • There is an advanced waterless missile system developed by India’s Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO).
  • Launch system: The smart system includes a supersonic missile that launches a lightweight torpedo on its vector.
  • Missile Vector: This missile can produce Torpedo to a distance of about 1000 meters from the sea surface.
  • The fire range of this system exceeds 1000 km, allowing enemy vessels and submarines to be attacked from far away.
  • This canister-based missile system has been adjusted by several advanced sub-system, including two-phase solid propption systems, electromechanical actuator systems, and an incentive navigation system with accuracy.
  • Smartpairashoot takes torpedoes with advanced light loads as a payload with a pealode with the facility.
  • The missile was launched from the ground mobile launcher.
  • Smart is a completely indigenous system developed by Indian scientists and engineers.
  • The smart system aims to increase the marine fighter capabilities of the Indian Navy. It can be fired from submarines and ships. It is capable of unexpected attacks on enemy vessels and submarines. Smart was successfully tested in 2005.

What is Torpedo?

  • It is a kind of self-directed, waterless missile that is used against sea ships and submarines.
  • Torpedo is usually long, tube -shaped with a tip and feather. It has a proprietary mechanism to provide speed.
  • The torpedo is fired by a submarine or a seaplane. Once launched, it is self-directed and determines the way to attack its goal.
  • Torpedo can have a variety of direction systems such as Sonar, Inrsel Navigation System or Wire-Guided System.
  • Torpedo contains a powerful warhead which is filled with explosives to destroy the target.
  • Modern Torpedo has a firepower of several kilometers and can also run at a speed of 50–100 km/h.

Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO)

  • Installation: 1958
  • India’s major defense research and development organization is.

The main objective of DRDO

  • Completing modern military technology requirements of the Army, Navy and Air Force.
  • Getting expertise in high -tech fields through international cooperation.
  • Promote research and development activities for defense and scientific systems.
  • To strengthen the country’s indigenous safety technology and production capabilities.

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