A Workshop on the Status of Artificial Intelligence in Banks

Dr. Vivek Joshi, Secretary, DFS, chaired a workshop on 'Status of Artificial Intelligence in Banks' in New Delhi.

Recently, Dr. Vivek Joshi, Secretary, Department of Financial Services (DFS) chaired a workshop on ‘State of Artificial Intelligence in Banks’ as part of his lecture series in New Delhi.

Main points of the workshop organized on Artificial Intelligence

  • During this workshop, NASSCOM provided information to banks and financial institutions on best practices for adopting AI and mitigating risks.
  • The objective of this workshop is to enhance the understanding of AI technologies and their impact on the financial services industry.
  • The event was attended by many industry experts who shared their experiences and views on AI.
  • The workshop served as a platform for the participants to learn about various case studies and strategies for implementing AI in the banking sector.
  • Industry experts discussed how AI can be used to enhance customer service, make better credit decisions, detect fraud and defaults, manage risks quickly, and boost employee productivity and efficiency. May go.
  • The workshop also discussed the emerging challenges of AI in terms of data governance, cyber security, transparency and compliance.


  • Established: Year 1988
  • National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) is India’s leading software and services industry association.
  • Headquarters: Noida, Uttar Pradesh
  • It has around 3,000 members, including software companies, startups, global consultancies and engineering arms.
  • The main goal of NASSCOM is to establish India as a global software hub and accelerate the growth of the information technology industry.
  • The association represents the interests of members, advises the government in the form of NITI Aayog, runs education and training programs, and conducts research for industry.

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