A rare 170-carat pink diamond found

Recently A rare 170-carat pure pink diamond found from a mine in the African country of Angola. It is the largest pink diamond ever found among the diamonds found in the last 300 years. This confirmed by the Australian mining company ‘Lukapa Diamond Company’. The Lukapa Diamond Company along with its partners discovered this rare diamond at the Lulo mine in Angola. 

The name of this 170-carat pink diamond has kept Lulo Rose. The Australian mining company also told that lulo rose including in one of the largest pink diamonds found in history. Before Lulo Rose, a 59.6-carat pink diamond auctioned in Hong Kong in 2017. That diamond sold for Rs 569 crore.

About Lulo Rose:

This diamond mine is a partnership between the Angola Government and the Lucapa Diamond Company. This diamond is a Type IIa stone which is one of the rarest and purest forms of natural stones. About 27 diamonds weighing 100 carats or more found from the Lulo mine. The rare Lulo Rose named in the fifth largest diamond ever found from this mine.

About Lulo Mine: The Lulo mine is a type of alluvial mine located in the African country of Angola. Diamonds are being discovered in this mine from the bottom of the river. Presently 400 workers are working in this mine to search for diamonds. This diamond site has been producing large, high value diamonds commercially since 2015. So far the Lulo mine has produced two of Angola’s largest diamonds with 27 diamonds over 100 carats.

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