World Ranger Day-2022

All about World Ranger day 2022

World Ranger Day is celebrated every year on 31 July. This day celebrated to honor the work done by them in the memory of the rangers who injured or killed in the line of duty and to protect the natural and cultural heritage.

World Ranger Day gives an opportunity to support the cause of Rangers. These rangers’ work ranges from environmental campaigns to education. This day is an important occasion to pay tribute to the Rangers who martyred in the line of duty.

Who are the Rangers?

Ranger is a person who works to preserve parklands and natural protected areas. Rangers are responsible for preserving parklands and natural protected areas. Usually a ranger refers to a forest ranger or park ranger.

History of World Ranger Day:

The International Ranger Federation (IRF) established on 31 July 1992. IRF established World Ranger Day. This day organized for the first time in the year 2007. World Ranger Day-2022 theme not confirmed yet.

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