Indian Coast Guard conducts Operation Sajag

Indian Coast Guard conducted a coastal security exercise named Operation Sajag.

Indian Coast Guard conducted a coastal security exercise named ‘Operation Sajag’ off the western seaboard on September 18, 2023. The exercise was conducted to involve all stakeholders concerned with enhancing coastal security.

Operation Sajag: Maritime Exercise

Operation Sajag exercise also facilitates re-evaluation of coastal security mechanisms while bringing awareness among fishermen at sea. During the exercise, comprehensive checking and verification of necessary documents and crew passes of all sea fishing vessels, boats and small vessels was carried out by the Indian Coast Guard. A total of 118 ships including Customs, Maritime Police, Ports and Indian Navy participated in Operation Sajag.

The exercise aims to strengthen the coastal security system by issuing biometric cards to fishermen, color coding of fishing boats as per each state, provision of fish landing centers and complete control at entry/exit check points and coastal mapping. Measures like. The exercise also included designating specific marine band frequencies for security agencies, training of marine police personnel by the Indian Coast Guard, etc. Biometric card readers were also provided to security agencies. Island protection and community outreach programs have been institutionalized under the coastal security regime.

Operation Sajag is conducted once every month to improve coastal security arrangements. Further action is taken based on the results obtained from this exercise. The exercise enables to verify the implementation of various coastal security measures besides bringing out important training outcomes and presenting the trends achieved in coastal security.

The Indian Coast Guard said the exercise was in connection with the security of the coasts of Gujarat, Daman and Diu, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala and Mahe, Lakshadweep. The exercise witnessed seamless coordination with the maritime police and other stakeholders. Operation Sajag exercise keeps the country safe from all kinds of threats by promoting coastal security.

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