The Ex VINBAX-2022 between India and Vietnam organiz on 1st August and 2nd August, 2022. This is the third edition of Ex VINBAX. Exercise is being organized at Chandi Mandir. Soldiers from 105 Engineer Regiment will represent the Indian Army. This exercise will help in strengthening mutual trust and interactivity between the two countries.

Through this exercise, it will help in sharing best practices in the form of field training exercise with good scope between the armies of India and Vietnam. Through Ex VINBAX, Indian and Vietnamese soldiers will also get information about the social and cultural heritage of each other’s countries. 

Theme of EX VINBAX-2022:

The bilateral military exercise EX VINBAX-2022 conducted under the theme “Employment and deployment of an Engineer Company and a Medical Team under United Nations Contingent for Peacekeeping Operations”.

Important point:

  • The second edition of this exercise conducted in Vietnam in 2019.
  • Apart from India’s Act East policy, Vietnam is also an important participant in the Indo-Pacific vision.
  • This exercise is an important milestone in strengthening bilateral relations.
  • Through this, the two countries share a comprehensive strategic partnership and defense cooperation is an important pillar of this partnership.

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