Daily Current Affairs Quiz 19 April 2023

Daily Current Affairs Quiz: This article contains daily current affair's important questions of every month like January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December.
Daily Current Affairs Quiz

Daily Current Affairs Quiz 19 April 2023 : Important questions related to current affairs and their answers made available by this article for the students preparing for competitive exams. Through these questions, candidates can prepare well for the competitive exam and make it easier to get a government job.

Daily Current Affairs Quiz of 19 April 2023

Question 1. World Heritage Day celebrated on which date?

Answer – On 18 April

This day also known as ‘International Day for Monuments and Sites’. This day is celebrate to maintain the existence of historical and cultural sites associated with human civilization and to protect them from possible threats. The theme of World Heritage Day 2023 was ‘Heritage Changes’. The theme for the day has been select by the International Council on Monuments and Sites since 1983. 

Question 2. Which state has adopted a water budget for the first time in the country to deal with the problem of water shortage in summer?

Answer – Kerala

Kerala, which is characterized by abundance of rivers, tributaries, backwaters and good amount of rainfall as well as lush green environment, is facing water scarcity in summer. To tackle the problem of acute water shortage in summer, Kerala has adopted a water budget, the first such budget in the country.

Question 3. Recently who became the world’s largest ‘Narco-State’?

Answer – Syria

The country which runs its economy from drug export is called ‘Narco-State’. Syria has become the world’s largest country of this kind. Syria exports amphetamine-like tablets, known as ‘Captagon’. This tablet is made from caffeine and amphetamine. 90 percent of Syria’s foreign exchange comes from the earnings of this drug.

Question 4. India opened its 16th Visa Application Center in which city of Bangladesh?

Answer – kushtia

High Commissioner Pranya Verma inaugurated the 16th center of the Bangladeshi Indian Visa Application Center (IVAC) in Kushtia town. Member of Parliament from Kushtia-3 Mahbubul Alam Hanif participated in the function. Through this center, it will be easier for residents of Kushtia and nearby areas to apply for a visa to visit India through IVAC. The Indian High Commission runs the world’s largest Visa Processing Center in Bangladesh.

Question 5. Which country became the second most important export destination for India?

Answer – United Arab Emirates

According to the annual trade data recently released by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, the US has become India’s most important export destination. The United Arab Emirates is at number two in this case. The Netherlands ranks third among the most important export destinations for India. China was in the first third place.

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