Daily Current Affairs Quiz 2 March 2024

Daily Current Affairs Quiz: important questions of 2 March 2024

Daily Current Affairs Quiz 2 March 2024 : Important questions related to current affairs and their answers made available by this article for the students preparing for competitive exams. Through these questions, candidates can prepare well for the competitive exam and make it easier to get a government job.

Daily Current Affairs Quiz of 2 March 2024

Question 1. In which city outside Rajasthan was the statue of Maharana Pratap unveiled recently?

Answer – Hyderabad

A 21 feet high statue of Maharana Pratap has been unveiled at Begum Bazaar Maharana Pratap Chowk in Hyderabad. This first-of-its-kind statue in the city reflects the enduring legacy of the ruler of Mewar. King of Mewar Maharana Pratap was also known as Pratap Singh I. He is remembered in history for his strong resistance and honor against the Mughal emperor Akbar. The story of Maharana in battles like Haldighati and Devair still inspires people.

Question 2. Who has built India’s first indigenous hydrogen fuel cell ferry?

Answer – Cochin Shipyard

Recently PM Narendra Modi has launched the country’s first indigenously developed and manufactured hydrogen fuel cell ferry. This hydrogen fuel cell ferry helps in reducing the impact of global warming due to zero emissions and zero sound. It has been constructed by Cochin Shipyard.

Question 3. When is Zero Discrimination Day celebrated?

Answer – 1 March

Zero Discrimination Day is celebrated on 1 March to ensure that all people in the world have the right to equality, inclusion and protection in their laws and policies without any discrimination. In 2024, the day was celebrated under the theme “Protecting everyone’s health, protecting everyone’s rights”.

Question 4. India stopped the water of which river from going to Pakistan by building a dam?

Answer – Ravi

India has stopped the water of Ravi river flowing towards Pakistan by building a dam. There was a wait for the construction of this dam for the last many years, which was completed after overcoming all the challenges. Now the people of Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir will benefit from this. This dam construction project was initiated in 1995 by former Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao, which later faced political opposition. Then the Central Government started and completed the work on the project in December 2018. This dam is capable of generating 206 MW electricity.

Question 5. After whom has ZSI named the species of marine head-shield sea slug discovered off the West Bengal coast?

Answer – President Draupadi Murmu

A new species of marine head-shield sea slug has been discovered off the West Bengal and Odisha coasts. The Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) has named this new species after President Draupadi Murmu. This specific species, called Melanochlamys drupadi, has a ruby red spot and unique characteristics.

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