Daily Current Affairs Quiz 30 July 2023

Daily Current Affairs Quiz: important questions of 30 July 2023

Daily Current Affairs Quiz 30 July 2023 : Important questions related to current affairs and their answers made available by this article for the students preparing for competitive exams. Through these questions, candidates can prepare well for the competitive exam and make it easier to get a government job.

Daily Current Affairs Quiz of 30 July 2023

Question 1. Recently, who has been elected as the chairman of IPCC?

Answer – Jim Skea

The elections held at the 59th session of the IPCC in Nairobi, the headquarters of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). In it, James Ferguson ‘Jim’ Skea defeated Vice President of the United States Thelma Krug in a run-off, winning 90 votes. Jim Skea is Professor of Sustainable Energy at Imperial College London.

Question 2. On which date International Friendship Day is celebrated?

Answer – 30 July

International Friendship Day celebrated on 30 July. The celebration of this day dedicated to express gratitude to our friends for their common cause was start in the year 2011. The day serves as a catalyst for peace efforts to promote friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals.

Question 3. In which mountain range, 600 million year old river drops were recently found?

Answer – Himalayas

Scientists from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and Japan’s Niigata University have found 600-million-year-old river droplets in Himalayan rocks. This discovery of scientists shows that about 500 to 700 million years ago, the ‘Snowball Earth glaciation’ event covered the earth. This event followed by a second oxygenation event, which significantly increased the oxygen level in Earth’s atmosphere.

Question 4. ‘India AI’ – Digital India Corporation has tied up with which multinational technology recently?

Answer – Meta Platforms, Inc.

India AI has signed an MoU with Meta Platforms, Inc. to enhance cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies. The MoU signed by Abhishek Singh, CEO, India AI, and Shivnath Thukral, Director and Head of Public Policy, META in India.

Question 5. On which date the World Day against Human Trafficking is observed?

Answer- 30 July

The ‘World Day Against Human Trafficking’ observed as an annual event on 30 July. This day celebrated by the United Nations to prevent human trafficking and to make people aware of it. This year the day is being celebrate with the theme “Reach every victim of trafficking, leave no one behind”.

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