Indian Air Force operationalizes Pan India emergency landing facility

IAF aircraft, as a part of Gagan Shakti-24, conducted Emergency Landing Facility operations in the northern sector of the Kashmir Valley.

Recently, as a part of the ongoing Exercise Gagan Shakti-24 of the Indian Air Force (IAF), aircraft conducted an Emergency Landing Facility (ELF) operation in the northern sector of Kashmir Valley.

Operation of emergency landing facility

  • During this, troops were airlifted and air landing was carried out using Chinook, Mi-17 V5 and ALH MK-III helicopters.
  • The Indian Air Force will plan the exercise in coordination with the administration of state governments to activate the emergency landing facility in other areas.
  • Various fixed and rotary wing platforms of the Indian Air Force will conduct coordinated landings and operations at these emergency landing facilities.
  • This will require efficient planning and coordination with the civil administration employing a whole-of-nation approach (WNA).
  • Emergency Landing Facility operations provide the Indian Air Force aircraft with the opportunity to operate from such restricted landing surfaces.
  • They are also capable of assisting humanitarian aid in disaster relief operations to provide aid and relief during natural disasters.

About Indian Air Force (IAF)

  • It is one of the three armed forces of India. It is a major component of India’s air power and plays an important role in the country’s security.
  • Establishment: The Indian Air Force was established on 8 October 1932.
  • Structure: The IAF has three commands – Air Command, Air Training Command and Logistics Command.
  • Scope: The responsibilities of the IAF include national security, use of air power in warfare, search-and-rescue operations.
  • Achievements: IAF has played a vital role in the defense of the country in many wars and conflicts. It is capable of maintaining the country’s air dominance.
  • Technology: The IAF is equipped with state-of-the-art aircraft, weapons and technology.
When was the Indian Air Force (IAF) established?

8 October 1932

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