Coorg Arabica Coffee: Production area and GI tag

Coorg Arabica Coffee is a distinctive and popular coffee variety produced from the Coorg region of Karnataka state.

Coorg Arabica Coffee is a distinctive and extremely popular coffee variety produced from the Coorg region of Karnataka state. The soil and climate of this region are extremely suitable for coffee cultivation, due to which the coffee here is known for its distinctive quality and taste.

About Coorg Arabica Coffee

Production Area and Climate:

  • The Coorg region is located in the Malnad region of Karnataka state, which is part of the Western Ghats mountain ranges. The soil of this region is rich in organic matter and the climate is temperate, which is considered extremely favorable for coffee cultivation.
  • The good amount of rainfall and cool temperatures ensure high quality of coffee.

Coffee varieties and cultivation:

  • It is mainly cultivated in Coorg region.
  • Arabica coffee is the most popular and high quality coffee variety grown around the world.
  • It is grown at an altitude of about 900-1200 meters.
  • In Coorg, coffee is cultivated by hand in small and traditional farms, thereby maintaining its quality.


  • Coorg Arabica coffee is processed using the traditional method. In this, the coffee beans are slowly dried, then peeled and finally roasted.
  • This process plays an important role in maintaining the taste and quality of coffee.

Taste and Quality:

  • Its taste is deep, sweet and fruity.
  • Flavors like chocolate, walnut and spices are also found in it.
  • This coffee is considered very aromatic and of quality. Its quality is attributed to the climate, soil and traditional method of cultivation.


  • Coffee is cultivated in approximately 75,000 hectares of area in the Coorg region. About 1 lakh tonnes of coffee is produced here every year, most of which is exported.
  • Coorg Arabica coffee is mainly exported to Europe, America and Japan.

Geographical Indication (GI) Tags and Branding

  • To maintain the quality and uniqueness of Coorg Arabica coffee, it has received the Geographical Indication (GI) tag.
  • Additionally, many coffee exporters and producers also sell it under different brands. For example, ‘Coorg Arabica Gold’ and ‘Coorg Arabica Masala’ are the major brands.

Social and Economic Importance:

Coorg Arabica Coffee is a popular and prestigious coffee not only in India but also globally. Its production is the main source of livelihood for the farmers of Coorg region. This industry also contributes significantly to the economy of Coorg. Besides, the coffee culture has also made the identity of Coorg unique.

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