‘Paradip’ on top among major ports of India in terms of cargo management in 2023-24

The Paradip Port has topped among major ports of India in terms of cargo handling in Financial Year 2023-24.

In FY 2023-24, Paradip Port topped in terms of cargo management among major ports of India.

Paradip Port tops country in cargo management 2023-24

  • The port has managed to handle 145.38 million metric tonnes of cargo for the first time in its 56-year history, surpassing the previous record set by Deendayal Port. On a year-on-year basis, the port recorded a growth of 10.02 million metric tonnes (7.4 percent).
  • During the financial year, Paradip Port has achieved the highest ever coastal shipping traffic of 59.19 million metric tonnes. Coastal shipment of thermal coal has reached 43.97 million metric tonnes, an increase of 4.02 per cent over the previous year. Thus, Paradip Port is emerging as the hub of coastal shipping in the country.
  • The port has also recorded an increase of 6.33 per cent in its berth productivity and is the highest among all ports in the country. Thanks to various systemic reforms, the port has also performed better in cargo handling.
  • During the financial year, the port has also recorded significant growth in operating revenue, operating surplus, net surplus before tax and net surplus after tax. The operating ratio has also improved to 36 percent as compared to last year.
  • In the coming years, Paradip Port plans to further expand its capacity and facilities. After the commissioning of the Western Dock project, the port capacity will increase to 300 million metric tonnes. Also, the port is planning to 100 per cent mechanize its berths and add more berths.
  • The port is constructing road flyovers to improve connectivity and promoting industrialization by allotting land to various industries. Additionally, Paradip Port is also committed to environmental protection and plans to develop tree plantations, renewable energy plants and green fuel stations.

About Paradip Port

Paradip Port is a major port located in Jagatsinghpur district of Odisha state. Paradip Port is one of the important ports of India and is an important shipping corridor for the eastern region of the country.

  • Establishment: Paradip Port was established in the 1960s and began operations in 1966.
  • Location: The port is situated on the coast of the Bay of Bengal and its location is favorable for industrial areas concentrated on the east coast of India.
  • Management: Paradip Port is managed by the Paradip Port Trust, which is under the Ministry of Shipping, Government of India.
  • Infrastructure: The port has a total of 22 berths, most of which are mechanized. Of these, 18 berths are designed for thermal coal handling.
  • Cargo Management: The main cargo of Paradip port is thermal coal, but it also handles various other commodities such as iron ore, general cargo and containers.
  • Capacity: Presently the annual rated capacity of the port is about 289 million metric tonnes.
  • Connectivity: The port is connected to rail and road networks, facilitating easy transportation.
  • Development Plans: Paradip Port has several expansion and renovation plans, including the Western Dock Project, construction of additional berths and mechanization.
  • Environmental Issues: The port is focusing on tree plantation and adoption of green technologies.

About Deendayal Port

Deendayal Port (formerly known as Kandla Port) is a major sea port located in the Kutch district of Gujarat state. Deendayal Port is a major port of India which contributes significantly to the country’s economy. It is an important nodal point for international trade and cargo movement.

  • Establishment: Deendayal Port was established in the year 1955 and is one of the earliest ports in India.
  • Location: The port is located along the Arabian Sea and serves as a hub of large-scale economic activities on the western coast of the country.
  • Infrastructure: The port comprises a total of 16 berths, 2 oil jetties and one LNG terminal. Its total berth length is approximately 14 kilometers.
  • Cargo Handling: Deendayal Port handles a variety of bulk and specialty cargo such as coal, iron ore, cement, containers and liquid cargo.
  • Capacity: Presently the annual rated capacity of the port is about 121 million tonnes.
  • Rail and Road Connectivity: The port is well connected by rail and road network, allowing Indian humans to easily connect to the port.
  • Foreign Exchange Earning: The port earns foreign exchange worth more than Rs 100 billion per year.
  • Naming: In the year 2017, Kandla Port was renamed as Deendayal Port, named after former Deputy Prime Minister of India Deendayal Upadhyay.
  • Management: Deendayal Port is managed by the Deendayal Port Trust, which is under the Ministry of Shipping, Government of India.


Which port has topped in India in terms of cargo management in the financial year 2023-24?

Paradip Port

Paradip Port is located in which district of Odisha state?

Jagatsinghpur district

When did Paradip Port begin operations?

year 1966

What was the earlier name of Deendayal Port?

Kandla Port

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