Sardar KM Panikkar ‘NIB’ Essay Competition

Sardar KM Panikkar 'NIB' Essay Competition

The Indian Navy has recently launched the Sardar KM Panikkar ‘NIB’ (Naval Intellectual Beacon) Essay Competition. The objective of starting this essay competition is to encourage reading and writing, critical thinking and systematic analysis by the Indian Navy in its community.

There is a need to maintain a high level of professionalism of the armed officers in the country. A high level of professionalism can be achieve only through continuous and continuous education, as well as through training. It is augment by literary pursuits that enable formation of informed opinion on aspects such as national security, international relations, defense strategy, organizational behavior and war force management.

About Sardar KM Panikkar ‘NIB’ Essay Competition

All officers below the rank of Captain (equivalent to Colonel) are eligible to participate in this Essay Competition. A unique badge is present to the winner, who will be allow to wear it on their uniform for a period of one year. The badge will be formally awarded to the winner of the competition by the Chief of the Naval Staff. The award has been instituted in the memory of maritime strategic thinker Sardar KM Panikkar. The competition will be an important element of the Navy’s annual calendar.

About Sardar KM Panikkar

Sardar KM Panikkar was born on June 3, 1895 in Travancore (modern day Kerala, India). His full name was Kavalam Madhav Panikkar. He was a professor, newspaper editor, historian and novelist as well as an Indian politician and diplomat.

He completed his education from Madras and Oxford University. Sardar KM Panikkar advocated maritime awakening in India. He wrote strongly in favor of increasing maritime consciousness in India and consistently underlined the importance of sea power and naval policy for India’s development and prosperity.

Sardar KM Panikkar breathed his last on 10 December 1963 at the age of 68 in Mysore city of Karnataka state, India.

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