Passing Out Parade – Spring Term 2024 held at Indian Naval Academy

Passing Out Parade (POP) – Spring Term 2024 was held at Indian Naval Academy (INA), Ezhimala on 25 May 2024.

Passing Out Parade (POP) – Spring Term 2024 was held at Indian Naval Academy (INA), Ezhimala on 25 May 2024.

Spring Term 2024 is for the 106th Indian Naval Academy Course, 36th & 37th Naval Specialised Training (Extended), 38th Naval Specialised Training (Regular) and 39th Naval Specialised Training (Coast Guard & Overseas).

Passing Out Parade – Highlights from Spring Term 2024 

  • Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal VR Choudhary inspected the Passing Out Parade of Spring Term 2024 at Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala.
  • 216 trainees including 34 women trainees and 10 trainees from friendly foreign countries passed out with flying colours, signifying the culmination of their initial training.
  • The Fighter Squadron received the coveted Champion Squadron Banner which was presented during the Parade of Spring Term 2024.
  • Midshipman Pinintala Pradeep Kumar Reddy received the ‘President’s Gold Medal’ for securing first position in all order of merit.

Other Winners Medals :-

  • CNS Silver Medal for B.Tech Course – Midshipman Mohammad Sameer.
  • INAC FOC-in-C South Bronze Medal for B.Tech Course – Midshipman Rahul Darshan Singh Shoran.
  • CNS Gold Medal for NOC (Extended) – Cadet Sandhita Patnaik.
  • FOC-in-C South Silver Medal for NOC (Extended) – Cadet Shaurya Jamwal.
  • INA Bronze Medal for Commandant, NOC (Extended) – Cadet Saloni K Singh.
  • CNS Instituted Gold Medal for NOC (Registered) and Best All-Round Female Cadet – Cadet Jhanvi Singh.
  • Commandant Silver Medal for NOC (Registered) – Cadet Sahana MK.
  • Director General Coast Guard Best Assistant Commandant – Assistant Commandant Aditya Ojha.

Indian Naval Academy (INA), Ezhimala

  • It is the premier institute for training officers of the Indian Navy.
  • Established: Year 1949
  • Indian Naval Academy provides comprehensive training to trainee sailors for about 4 years.
  • Here sailors are trained on various aspects of the Navy like sea warfare, navigation, engineering, marine science, geography etc.
  • The head instructor is known as the “Dressing Captain”.
Indian Naval Academy Course
36 Naval Specialised Level Training (Extended)It is a training programme of about 51 weeks.It includes intensive training on maritime warfare strategies, naval operations, territorial partnership and humanitarian laws.It prepares the sailors for naval operations and leadership at various levels.After training, officers are posted to staff teams and planning units.
37 Naval Specialised Level Training (Extended)This is also a training program of about 51 weeks.It focuses on naval engineering, maintenance management, maritime safety and material planning.It helps senior engineers and technical officers to gain expertise in their fields.After completion of training, officers are posted to various technical teams, dockyards and naval fleets.
38 Naval Specialized Level Training (Regular)This is the first NOC course which is an extended training period course of 44 weeks and has 05 women officers in the Executive Branch.
39 Naval Specialised Level Training (Coast Guard & Foreign)
It is a specialized training program designed by the Indian Navy to train officers of the Indian Coast Guard and foreign navies.Under this program, detailed information is given about the operations, philosophy and training methods of the Indian Navy.Training is provided on various technologies, organizational structure and management methods of the Indian Navy.It includes the study of maritime warfare and national security policies of India.

Q. Where was the Passing Out Parade – Spring Term 2024 held recently at the Indian Naval Academy?

In Ezhimala

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