Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh visited the world’s highest battlefield “Siachen”

Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh visited Siachen, the world's highest battlefield, to directly assess the security situation.

Siachen, the world’s highest battlefield, was visited by Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh today. The Defense Minister has done this visit to directly assess the security situation.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s visit to Siachen

  • During Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s visit to Siachen, he was accompanied by Army Chief General Manoj Pandey, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Northern Command Lieutenant General MV Suchindra Kumar and General Officer Commanding, 14 Corps Lieutenant General Rashim Bali.
  • Union Minister Singh also interacted with the soldiers deployed in adverse weather and difficult terrain conditions.
  • After aerial survey they proceeded to a forward post at a height of 15,100 feet. There he received detailed information about the operational preparedness and current security situation in Siachen Glacier.
  • Singh also discussed aspects related to operational challenges with commanders at the ground level.

Address to the soldiers

While addressing the soldiers, Minister Rajnath Singh said that their walk on the virtuous path of protecting the motherland with bravery and determination in adverse circumstances is praiseworthy. This nation will always be indebted to the sacrifices of the armed forces personnel, because because of them every citizen feels safe today. “We are living a peaceful life because we are assured that our brave soldiers are standing firm at the borders,” Singh said. In times to come, when the history of national security is written, the acts of valor and strong will of our soldiers in the icy cold glacier will be remembered with pride. It will always remain inspirational for future generations.”

Defense Minister Singh said that Siachen is no ordinary place, calling it a symbol of India’s sovereignty and determination. He said that just as Delhi is the national capital of India, Mumbai is the financial capital, Bengaluru is the technology capital, similarly Siachen is the capital of courage, determination and resolve.

About Siachen Glacier

  • It is a glacier located near the India-Pakistan Line of Control in the eastern Karakoram range of the Himalayas.
  • It is the largest of the five major glaciers of the Karakoram and the second largest glacier in the world outside the polar regions.
  • Name mean: In the Balti language “siya” means a type of wild rose and “chun” means “abundance”. Thus the name “Siachen” means “abundance of roses”.
  • Altitude: About 5,753 meters above sea level at Indira Kol and 3,620 meters at the end.
  • India’s control: India has had control over the Siachen Glacier since 1984.
  • Dispute: The dispute still continues between India and Pakistan regarding the Siachen Glacier. India administers it under its Leh district in Ladakh state.


Who is the Union Defense Minister of India?

Shri Rajnath Singh

Siachen Glacier is situated on which mountain range of the Himalayas?

Karakoram Range

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