World press freedom day 2024

World Press Freedom Day is celebrated on 3 May. This day is celebrated to underline the importance of freedom of media and press.
  • World Press Freedom Day is celebrated every year on 3 May across the world.
  • This day is celebrated to underline the importance of freedom of media and press.
  • The theme of World Press Freedom Day in the year 2024 is “A Press for the Planet: Journalism for the Environmental Crisis”.

Purpose, history and significance of World Press Freedom Day


  • To educate people about the importance of freedom of the press and promote efforts to protect it.


  • World Press Freedom Day began as an initiative of the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO).
  • In the year 1991, a conference was held in the African country Windhoek, in which a declaration on press freedom was issued. This is known as the “Windhoek Declaration”.
  • In this declaration, press freedom was recognized as a human right and its importance was emphasized.
  • Subsequently, the UNESCO General Assembly passed a resolution in 1993 that 3 May be observed every year as “World Press Freedom Day”.
  • This day was celebrated for the first time on 3 May 1994.


  • Role of the Press in Democracy: A free and impartial press is the backbone of any democratic society. It monitors the policies and actions of the government and informs and educates the public. With this, the public can become aware and make the government accountable.
  • Freedom of expression: Freedom of the press is an important part of freedom of expression, which is a core part of human rights. It gives individuals the freedom to express their views without fear.
  • Dissemination of Information: A free press plays an important role in the dissemination of information and knowledge in the society. It keeps the public informed about global and local issues.
  • Promoting peace and development: Freedom of the press helps promote peace, democracy and sustainable development. It encourages international understanding.
  • Safety of Journalists: This day highlights the challenges, threats and issues of safety of journalists. Journalists are persecuted and tortured in many countries.

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