International Dance Day 2024: Theme, Objective and History

International Dance Day is celebrated every year on 29 April and dedicated to Jean Georges Noverre. Know Theme, objective and history

International Dance Day is celebrated every year on 29 April. This day is an opportunity to highlight the importance of dance art and dancers. This day is dedicated to the magician of dance, Jean Georges Noverre. Georges Noverre was a famous ballet master and is known as the Father of Ballet. Georges Noverre was born on 29 April 1727, hence this day is celebrated every year on 29 April.

Theme and objective

The objective of this day is to promote dance art and culture and create awareness about dance among the people. This day is celebrated every year under a special theme to spread awareness about dance across the world. This year in 2024, the theme of International Dance Day is – “Dance and Peace.”

History of International Dance Day

  • In the year 1982, the representative of Turkey in a meeting of the Dance Committee of International Theater Institute (ITI) proposed to celebrate 29 April as International Dance Day.
  • This date was chosen based on the birthday of Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. Anna Pavlova’s contribution to the art of ballet was significant.
  • This proposal was accepted by the General Assembly of ITI in 1982 itself.
  • This day was celebrated for the first time on 29 April 1983.
  • Thus International Dance Day was born to honor the art of dance and recognize its importance.

Importance of International Dance Day

  • Promoting the art of dance: The day provides an opportunity to highlight different styles and traditions of dance. This gives recognition and encouragement to the art of dance at the global level.
  • Preservation of Culture and Heritage: Dance is an expression of any culture. On this day the dance heritage of countries and communities is preserved and promoted.
  • Symbol of unity and peace: Dance is a medium that transcends the boundaries of language and culture. It helps in bringing different people and countries together, thereby promoting unity and peace.
  • Creating awareness among people: This day educates people about the benefits of dance and its importance. It also inspires the young generation to pursue the art of dance.
  • Honoring Dancers: On this day, eminent and young dancers, teachers and choreographers from all over the world are honored.


What is the theme of International Dance Day 2024?

Dance and peace

Who is called the Father of Ballet?

Jean Georges Noverre

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