Biennial joint military exercise “LAMITIYE-2024”

Lamitiye-2024, joint military exercises

Joint military exercise Lamitiye-2024 is being organized in Seychelles. The Indian Army team has reached the exercise site to participate in it.

Key Points (Limitiye-2024)

  • This biennial training program is being conducted between the Indian Army and Seychelles Defense Forces (SDF) from 18 March to 27 March 2024.
  • The 10th edition of LAMITIYE is being organized in 2024.
  • The appropriate word for this military training exercise, ‘Lamitiye’, is derived from the Creole language, which means ‘friendship’.
  • Indian Gorkha Rifles from the Indian Army and Seychelles Defense Force (SDF) from the Seychelles are participating in LAMITIYE-24.
  • Each team from both the countries includes 45 military personnel.

This joint military exercise is a biennial training programme. It is being organized in Seychelles since 2001. The objective of this exercise is to enhance inter-operation in sub-conventional operations in semi-urban scenario. The exercise promotes cooperation and interoperability between the two countries during peacekeeping operations. By organizing this exercise mutually, military relations are built between the armies through skill, experience and similar exercises.


In this joint military exercise, these troops will train and implement a series of tactical exercises to defeat potential threats in semi-urban environments with the help of modern equipment and technology. This 10-day joint military exercise includes field training exercises, battle discussions, lectures and demonstrations. LAMITI-2024 will conclude with a two-day verification exercise.

9th edition of exercise

The 9th edition of LAMITIYE was held from 22 March to 31 March 2022 at the Seychelles Defense Academy (SDA), Seychelles. Soldiers of 2/3 Gorkha Rifles Group (Peerkanthi Battalion) participated in it.


Between which countries is the biennial joint military exercise Lamitiye-2024 being organized?

Lamitiye-2024 is being organized between India and Seychelles from 18-27 March 2024.

What is the meaning of LAMITIYE?

The Lamitiye exercise conducted between India and Seychelles means ‘friendship’ in Creole language.

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