Hindi Journalism Day: 30 May 2024

Every year on May 30, Hindi Journalism Day is celebrated across the nation. This day is very important for Hindi speaking journalists.
  • Hindi Journalism Day is celebrated every year on 30 May across the nation.
  • This day is very important for Indian journalists, especially Hindi speaking journalists. This day also highlights the contribution of journalists in the development of society and their role in transparency and accountability.

History of Hindi Journalism Day

  • In the year 1826, Pandit Yugal Kishore Shukla started the publication of the first Hindi newspaper ‘Udant Martand’.
  • The literal meaning of ‘Udant Martand’ is ‘News-Sun’.
  • ‘Udant Martand’ was published every week on Tuesday.
  • Only 79 issues of ‘Udant Martand’ printed in book form could be published and in December 1827, its publication was stopped due to lack of financial resources.
  • In this newspaper, a mixed form of both Braj and Khariboli languages ​​was used, which the director of this newspaper called ‘Madhyadeshiya Bhasha’.

About Pandit Yugal Kishore Shukla

  • Pandit Yugal Kishore Shukla, a resident of Kanpur, was a lawyer by profession and was working as a lawyer in Calcutta in colonial British India.
  • Historians consider Pandit Yugal Kishore Shukla as the father of Indian journalism.
  • Raja Rammohan Roy is credited with starting Hindi journalism from Bengal.
  • Hindi journalism has come a long way in history.

Importance of Hindi Journalism Day

  • This day is an important occasion to promote the importance and culture of Hindi language. It underlines the contribution of Hindi journalism and highlights its role in the spread of Hindi language.
  • This day provides an opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of Hindi journalists and appreciate their achievements. It encourages those who are dedicated to the service of Hindi language and society.
  • This day highlights the various challenges of Hindi journalism such as lack of funding, technology and resources. It provides a platform to discuss these issues and find solutions.
  • During this day, various seminars, workshops and discussions are organized which focus on improving the quality of Hindi journalism.
  • This day inspires the young generation to make a career in the field of Hindi journalism and helps them understand the importance of this field.
  • Hindi Journalism Day brings together people from different parts of the country and binds them in the bond of unity and harmony.

When is Hindi Journalism Day celebrated in India?

30th May

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