Ministry of Defense organized a two day ‘Chintan Shivir’

The Ministry of Defense discussed important issues and ways to increase the efficiency of its departments in a two-day 'Chintan Shivir'.

The two-day ‘Chintan Shivir’ organized by the Ministry of Defense concluded on June 20, 2023. In this Chintan Shivir, the Ministry of Defense discussed important issues and ways to increase the efficiency of its departments.

The Ministry of Defense organized this camp in New Delhi to discuss various problems and challenges faced by its departments and for better governance. The Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Defense Production (DDP), Department of Military Affairs (DMA) and Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare (DESW) organized separate brainstorming sessions. Renowned subject experts shared their perspective on various relevant topics during these sessions.

Department of Defense Production

The two day long sessions of the Department of Defense Production at the Chintan Shivir were aim at brainstorming, experience based learning, systemic improvements and enhancing efficiency of the indigenous aerospace and defense manufacturing sector. The program presided over by Defense Secretary Shri Giridhar Armane was unique in its format. The participants included senior officials of the department, chairmen and managing directors of defense PSUs, leadership from aerospace and defense industry, academia and quality assurance agencies.

The DDP session focused on five themes – ‘Enhancing Self-Reliance: The Way Forward for Indigenization’, ‘Enhancing Production and Defense Exports’, ‘Industrial Environment and Skilled Workforce’, ‘Enhancing Equal Opportunities for All’ and ‘Improving Quality’.

In this, experts from various fields contributing to the aerospace and defense sector shared their views. The industry welcomed the open discussions and stated that we are confident of building on the important steps taken earlier. Domestic aerospace and defense production target of Rs 1,75,000 crore including aerospace and defense exports of $5 billion to be achieve by 2024-25.

The DDP collated the findings from the brainstorming camp so as to make suitable reforms to boost the growth of the indigenous aerospace and defense manufacturing sector. Along with this, best technology can be adopt in the direction of ‘Self-reliant India’.

Department of Defense

During these two days, various issues/challenges related to the work area of the Department of Defense were discussed. The objective of these discussions is to encourage new ideas for better governance/ease of doing business.

The following subjects were widely discussed in the session on the Department of Defence:

  • Cyber Security Challenges for National Security
  • Comprehensive Approach to National Security
  • performance check
  • Sainik School Education System
  • Capacity Building in Defense Acquisition

During these sessions, Shiao scientists, Pathological Bureau, specific subject matter experts from DDRO and CG and serving and retired officers and academicians of the department shared their views on various topics with the Zionist and Defense officials.

Department of Military Affairs

The subjects of the sessions of the Department of Military Affairs included modernization and capability enhancement of the Armed Forces from a strategic perspective and integration and optimization of human resource aspects, training and operational issues to establish better synergy. During this, measures such as identifying colonial practices and obsolete laws and abolishing them and incorporating the country’s own ethos and practices in the functioning of the armed forces were discuss.

Ex-Servicemen Welfare Department

Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare on ‘Taking advantage of Sparsh for better pension services and other welfare measures for ex-servicemen’, ‘Rehabilitation of ex-servicemen by promoting entrepreneurship and improving employability for starting micro-enterprises’ and ‘Ex-servicemen’ Discussions were held on topics such as improving health services for soldiers.

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