Nomadic Elephant 2023: India-Mongolia joint military exercise

Bilateral joint military exercise Nomadic Elephant 2023 is being conduct between India and Mongolia at Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The 15th edition of Nomadic Elephant is being organize from July 17 to 31, 2023. To participate in Nomadic Elephant 2023, a contingent of 43 Indian Army personnel left for Mongolia on 16 July itself by an Indian Air Force C-17 aircraft.

About Nomadic Elephant Exercise

Exercise Nomadic Elephant is an annual training program of India and Mongolia. The exercise is conduct alternately in Mongolia and India. The 14th edition of Nomadic Elephant was organize in October, 2019 at Special Forces Training School, Bakloh.

Soldiers of the Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry Regiment from the Indian side and Mongolian Armed Forces Unit 084 from the Mongolian side are participating in this military exercise. The aim of the exercise is to strengthen positive military relations, exchange of best military practices, bilateral interoperability, friendly behaviour, camaraderie and friendship between the two countries. The primary objective of this military exercise under the mandate of the United Nations is to curb terrorist activities in the mountainous areas.

This military exercise includes platoon level Field Training Exercise (FTX). During the military exercise, Indian and Mongolian troops will participate in various training activities designed to enhance their capabilities and skills. These training activities include endurance training, reflex firing, room intervention, small team tactics and mountain drills (rock craft firing).

India and Mongolia are committed to regional security and cooperation. Exercise Nomadic Elephant-23 will mark another important milestone in defense cooperation between the Indian Army and the Mongolian Army, further boosting bilateral relations between the two countries.

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