PM Modi receives Egypt’s highest civilian award

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi conferred the Order of the Nile, Egypt’s highest civilian award, on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a special ceremony held at the Presidency of Cairo. With this, PM Modi has become the first Indian to receive this award. The President of Egypt has given this award to 2 people this year. Apart from PM Modi, this award has been give to Sultan Haitham bin Tariq of Oman in 2023.

Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah shared this information by tweeting and also expressed appreciation. He said that Narendra Modi is the only Indian Prime Minister who has been give such honors by most of the countries.

About Order of the Nile

In the year 1915, the Order of the Nile was establish by Sultan Hussein Kamel of Egypt. It was one of the major orders of the Kingdom of Egypt until the monarchy was abolishe in 1953. This award placed below the ‘Order of Ismail’. It was then reconstitute as the highest state honor of the Republic of Egypt. This award is given to persons who have rendered useful service to the country. It often awarded to distinguished Egyptian citizens with British officers and officers serving in Egypt. The Order of the Nile also known as ‘Kildat el Nil’.

The order consisted of five classes:

  1. Grand Cordon: Badge worn from a sash over the right shoulder, with a star on the left chest.
  2. Grand Officer: Badge worn around the neck, one small star on the left chest.
  3. Commander: A badge worn around the neck.
  4. Officers: A badge consisting of a ribbon with a rosette is worn on the left chest.
  5. Knight: Badge worn on the left chest with a plain ribbon.

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