Bill Gates will participate in the program “Poshan Utsav – Celebration of Nutrition”

The event “Poshan Utsav – A Celebration of Nutrition” is being organized on February 29, 2024, in which Bill Gates will participate.

Union Minister of Women and Child Development Smriti Zubin Irani and Bill Gates, Co-Chairman of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will participate in the “Poshan Utsav – Celebration of Nutrition” program organized by the Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD) on February 29, 2024.

Poshan Utsav- Celebration of Nutrition

“Poshan Utsav – Celebration of Nutrition” will be organized by the Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD). The festival will act as a platform to disseminate important messages on the value of good nutrition through a cartoon collaboration. The co-founders of Microsoft will also participate in the event organized in the national capital tomorrow related to this celebration. The program aims to achieve major milestones in tackling malnutrition among children and promoting healthy lifestyles. The program raises awareness related to nutrition to children by narrating stories through their favorite cartoon characters and other IEC content. It is expected to revolutionize and drive positive behavior change in communities across the country for desired nutrition outcomes.

The main objective of Poshan Utsav is to leverage popular cartoon characters to highlight holistic nutrition awareness among children through a collaboration between the Ministry of Women and Child Development and Amar Chitra Katha. A book titled ‘Poshan Utsav’, which has been prepared by Deendayal Research Institute (DRI), will be given as a part of this program. It promotes cultural heritage and traditional nutritional practices, which the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation helped create. This book is designed like a map on food. It provides us information related to food from cultural, social, economic and scientific perspectives. Its aim is to bring alive ancient nutritional traditions of food, exchange knowledge and facilitate inter-generational learning. Apart from these, the book will serve as a comprehensive repository for appreciation of India’s rich culinary heritage and nutritional diversity.


Bill Gates is the co-founder of which company?

William Henry Gates III, better known as Bill Gates. He is the co-founder and CEO of Microsoft.

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