National Handloom Day 2022

National Handloom Day 2022

National Handloom Day celebrated every year on 7 August in honor of the weavers. The Central Government had declared 7 August as ‘National Handloom Day’ in the year 2015 to commemorate the Swadeshi movement that started in the year 1905. Ministry of Textiles Handloom Industry is hosting the 8th National Handloom Day on this year. National Handloom Day 2022 is 8th edition of this day.

National Handloom Day 2022 theme:

This year Handloom Day focuses on the theme/theme of ‘Increasing Income of Indian Weavers’.

What was the Swadeshi Movement?

The aim of the Swadeshi movement was to encourage the people of India to wear clothes made by indigenous communities. Along with this, foreign made clothes were to be boycotted.

About National Handloom:

National Handloom Corporation is a one-stop supermarket chain in the country. It provides customers with a wide range of household and personal products under one roof. National Handloom provides best products for home utility at best prices. As of now the National Handloom stores spread up to Jodhpur, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Barmer and Surat.

*National Handloom Day 2022 हिंदी में

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