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Mauritius Day 2023: This Day celebrated every year on 12 March. The day celebrates the culture, history and traditions of this island nation. Its history linked to the island’s colonial past.

The day known as the Independence and Republic Day of Mauritius. This day is a national holiday of Mauritius. Mauritius Day marks two major events in the country’s history. Both these events took place on March 12, in which the first one was independence from Britain in 1968 and the second one was in 1992 when the country became a republic. The 55th Mauritius Day is being celebrate in 2023.

History of Mauritius Day

Prior to independence, Mauritius was a French and then a British colony. It gained independence in 1968. Mauritius Day marks the anniversary of the country’s independence. 

In 1507, the Portuguese came to the island of Mauritius and also established their base on this island. Then after some time the Portuguese left the island. Then in 1598, the people of Holland who went to find the spice island lost their way in a cyclone and reached Mauritius island. He named the island Mauritius in honor of Prince Maurice of Nassau.

The first permanent settlement on this island was established by the Dutch in 1638 AD. Later, due to the loss of climatic conditions, the Dutch people also left these islands. Mauritius annexed in 1715 by the French, who had occupied Mauritius’ neighboring Isle Bourbon. France at that time named the island Isle de France (Island of France). The island then developed into a prosperous economy that produces sugar.

Rock inscriptions in Mauritius show evidence of Tamil (Dravidian) settlement in the 10th century.

Importance of Mauritius Day 2023

Mauritius Day holds a special significance for Mauritians. Mauritius Day commemorates the country’s history and journey to independence. It celebrates the island’s unique culture, traditions and values, created by the country’s diverse population and colonial past. Various programs and activities like parades, cultural programs and speeches of dignitaries are organized on the occasion of this day. 

Mauritius, like India, is a diverse country with rich culture and traditions. It has also borne the burden of British rule like India. According to a survey conducted in the year 2019, Mauritius has been selected among the peaceful African countries. It is the only African nation that professes Hinduism.

Theme/Subject of Mauritius Day 2023

Mauritius Day organized every year under a special theme to reflect the culture and values ​​of the country of Mauritius. The theme chosen based on the issues facing Mauritius and the challenges ahead.

About Mauritius Country:

  • Mauritius is an island country located in the Indian Ocean, about 900 kilometers southeast of the coast of the African continent and east of Madagascar. The population of Hindus is third in this country.
  • The current Prime Minister of Mauritius is Pravind Jugnauth.
  • The capital of Mauritius is the capital Port Louis.
  • Its currency is the Mauritian Rupee.
  • The national sport of Mauritius is football.
  • The nation’s own football team is named the Dodos.

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