CSIR Prima ET11: First indigenous e-tractor

CSIR Prima ET11 - First indigenous e-tractor

India’s first indigenous e-tractor ‘CSIR Prima ET11’ has been developed by the Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI), Durgapur. Union Minister of State for Science and Technology Dr. Jitendra Singh launched this e-tractor developed by Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute- Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, Durgapur. Speaking on the occasion, the Union Minister said that it will play an important role in India’s economy in agri startups. He called for adopting new and artificial intelligence based technology in agriculture.

Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh said that agriculture is one area in which India has not picked up the required pace. It is a vast unknown resource unique to India. He said that the rest of the countries which were promoting IT from their point of view did not have agricultural assets. While India has agricultural wealth so we do not need to copy them. This route will be a very important component in the future economy of India in the next 25 years.

At present also more new startups are entering in agriculture sector with this ‘CSIR Prima ET11’ e-tractor in India, like waste recycling, drip irrigation, genome sequenced cultivation like mango and lotus etc. Dr. Singh gave the mantra of 5S for the success of research and development conducted in government-run scientific laboratories. 5S ie – Showcasing, Stakeholder, Startup, Synerging and Strategizing Industry Linkage (Strategy of Showcase, Stakeholder, Startup, Synerging and Industry Linkage). He said that only by including all these five components, we will get maximum results.

What is E-Tractor?

E-tractor refers to an electric tractor. It is also used like a normal tractor for pulling or pushing heavy loads, plowing the fields and doing various farm work. This tractor is powered by electricity, which is usually stored in a battery. Electric tractors offer benefits such as lower operating costs, lower emissions, quieter operation and in some cases potentially better efficiency.

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