International Labor Day 2024

International Labor Day was observed on 1 May 2024 under the theme “Social Justice and Decent Work for All”.

International Labor Day (International Labor Day in Hindi) is celebrated every year on 1 May across the world. Theme of 1 May 2024: Social justice and decent work for all.

History of International Labor Day

  • The history of International Labor Day is linked to the American city of Chicago. This day started with a movement here in 1886.

Chicago Movement:

  • In 1886, workers in Chicago started a movement demanding 8 hours of work.
  • On May 1, 1886, about 40,000 workers went on strike and took out a rally.
  • On May 3, there was a clash between police and workers in which many people were injured.
  • On the night of 4 May a bomb exploded in Hay Market Square, killing a policeman.

Subsequent developments:

  • After this incident many labor leaders were hanged.
  • In the meeting of the Second International held in Paris in 1889, it was decided to celebrate May 1 as International Labor Day.
  • Gradually it started getting recognition all over the world.

Celebration of Labor Day begins in India

  • The history of labor movement in India is very old.
  • Madras Labor Union was formed in 1923 and was the first trade union in India.
  • The role of workers was important during the boycott movement against the British.
  • Labor Day started being celebrated formally after 1947.

Purpose of International Labor Day

  • The purpose of International Labor Day is to protect the rights and interests of workers.

Its main objectives are as follows:

  • Remembering the sacrifices of workers: This day is celebrated to commemorate the workers’ movement in Chicago in 1886, in which many workers lost their lives. Through this, the history of the labor movement and their struggle is remembered.
  • Promotion of workers’ rights: One of the main objectives of this day is to raise the voice of workers for better wages, safe working conditions, adequate rest and right to form organizations etc.
  • Promoting Labor Unity: This day provides an opportunity for workers around the world to unite and demonstrate their strength.
  • Demand for better policies: On this day, labor organizations and leaders demand governments to make labor-friendly policies.
  • Demand for equality and justice: Workers get this opportunity to demand equal opportunities and fair treatment without any discrimination.

Importance of International Labor Day

  • Remembrance of the Labor Movement: This day is celebrated in the memory of the laborers who struggled for better working conditions and rights. It honors their sacrifice.
  • Acknowledging the contribution of workers: On this day we get an opportunity to consider the contribution made by workers to the economy and society and should respect them.
  • Promotion of labor rights: The day provides a platform to promote the rights of workers to justice, equality and dignity.
  • Demand for equality and justice: This is an opportunity for workers to raise their demands like fair wages, safe working conditions and a dignified life.
  • Labor Unity: This day symbolizes uniting the workers around the world and displaying their unity.
  • Call for social justice: On this day, the voice of laborers from different communities and deprived sections of the society is also raised.
When is International Labor Day celebrated?

1 May

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