World No Tobacco Day: 31 May 2024

Every year on 31st May, 'World No Tobacco Day' is organized to spread awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco consumption all over the world.
  • Every year on 31st May, ‘World No Tobacco Day’ is organized to spread awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco consumption all over the world.
  • The theme of World No Tobacco Day 2024 is “Protect children from interference of tobacco industry”.
  • The main objective of World No Tobacco Day is to raise awareness about the ill effects of tobacco consumption and prevent the use of tobacco products.

History of World No Tobacco Day

  • World No Tobacco Day was declared by the member nations of the World Health Organization in the year 1987.
  • World No Tobacco Day was celebrated for the first time on May 31, 1988.
  • Every year, WHO honours governments, organizations and individuals for their efforts and contributions towards preventing tobacco use

Effects of tobacco

  • Tobacco addiction is considered the leading cause of preventable death and disability worldwide.
  • India accounts for approximately 35 million deaths per year due to tobacco use and is the second largest producer and consumer of tobacco.
  • Smoking causes deaths from cancer, heart attack, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and peripheral vascular disease (PVD).
  • The number of women smokers in the world is increasing. Women face additional risks such as adverse pregnancy outcomes, female specific cancers such as breast, cervical cancer and increased cardiovascular risk.
  • Tobacco emits more than 84 megatonnes of greenhouse gas in a year

Tobacco Free Rajasthan-2022

To realize the resolution of ‘Nirogi Rajasthan’, the Rajasthan government launched a 100-day Tobacco Free Rajasthan campaign in May 2022 to ban the use of tobacco products in public places.Strict action was taken against those consuming and selling tobacco products in public places under the ‘COTPA Act’ in all the districts.Under the COTPA Act, a provision was made to impose a penalty on vendors violating the rule of not selling tobacco products within 100 yards of a hospital and educational institution.In the year 2022, Nawalgarh Panchayat Samiti of Jhunjhunu became the first tobacco free Panchayat Samiti of the state.The Central Government has asked the States/Union Territories to run special campaigns on the lines of the Rajasthan Government and follow the ‘Rajasthan Model’ for tobacco control.’Tobacco Free Youth Campaign’ was launched at Rajasthan International Center on World No Tobacco Day 2023 in Rajasthan.

COTPA – (Cigarettes and other tobacco Products Act – 2003)
Under the Tobacco Control Act (COTPA), 2003, smoking in public places, selling tobacco products openly is punishable with a fine of Rs 200 to Rs 10,000 and imprisonment of up to 5 years.

The 5 five tobacco producing countries

  1. China
  2. India (second largest consumer and producer of tobacco)
  3. Brazil
  4. Indonesia
  5. USA

When is World No Tobacco Day celebrated?

31 May

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