Kalanidhi Awards 2024 for Music and Dance

Kalanidhi Awards 2024 for Music and Dance

Recently, renowned Carnatic musician TM Krishna has been selected for the ‘Sangeet Kalanidhi 2024’ and Neena Prasad for the ‘Nritya Kalanidhi Awards 2024’.

Kalanidhi Awards 2024

  • He will be honored with the prestigious Sangeet Kalanidhi Award by The Music Academy, Madras.
  • The Sangeet Kalanidhi Awards will be presented to the winners at the 98th Annual Conference of the Sangeet Academy to be held between December 15, 2024 and January 1, 2025.
  • The TTK and Sangeetya Awards will be presented at Sadas on January 1, 2025. While the Nritya Kalanidhi Award winner will receive the award at the 18th Annual Dance Festival of the Sangeet Academy on January 3, 2025.

About TM Krishna (Thodur Madabusi Krishna)

  • He is a trained singer of Carnatic style.
  • Was awarded the prestigious ‘Ramon Magsaysay Award’ for the year 2016.
  • T. M. Krishna has performed concerts all over the world including America, Europe, Australia.
  • Krishna has written a book on MS Subbulakshmi titled ‘Sebastian and Sons: A Brief History of Mridangam Makers’.

About Neena Prasad

  • Prasad took training in Mohiniyattam from Kalamandalam Kshemavathi and Kalamandalam Sugandhi.
  • Prasad learned Bharat Natyam from Music Art Acharya Adyar’s Lakshmanan, Kuchipudi from Vempati Chinna Satyam and Kathakali from Vembayam Appukuttan Pillai.
  • Prasad received his PhD from Rabindra Bharati University for a thesis on Lasya and Thandava in South Indian classical dances. Received.
  • Prasad was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship from the University of Surrey.


Who received Sangeet Kalanidhi Award 2024?

Musician TM Krishna.

Who was recently given the Nritya Kalanidhi Award for 2024?

To Neena Prasad.

Sangeet Kalanidhi Award is given by whom?

The Music Academy, Madras.

When will Sangeet Kalanidhi Awards 2024 be presented?

In the 98th Annual Conference of the Academy of Music.

In which year was TM Krishna awarded the prestigious ‘Ramon Magsaysay Award’.


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