Second edition of India-Australia-Indonesia Trilateral Maritime Security Workshop (TMSW) organized

The second edition of TMSW is scheduled to be held on board INS Dronacharya at Kochi from 15 to 17 May, 2024.

The second edition of the India-Australia-Indonesia Trilateral Maritime Security Workshop (TMSW) was organized aboard INS Dronacharya at Kochi from 15 to 17 May, 2024.

Highlights of the second edition of TMSW

  • The main theme of this workshop focused on ‘Indian Ocean Region: Collaborative Efforts to Enhance Regional Maritime Security’.
  • This workshop has been organized under the guidance of Headquarters Southern Naval Command.
  • The trilateral maritime security workshop was chaired by Rear Admiral Nirbhay Bapna, Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff (FCI).
  • The workshop was co-chaired by Commodore Flotillas of the Royal Australian Navy, Commodore Paul O’Grady, CIC from TNI(AL) FADM Heri Triwibowo, Assistant for Operations to the Indonesian Fleet Command and Commodore Manmeet S Khurana, Commodore (Foreign Cooperation) of the Indian Navy. Has been.
  • During this workshop, all discussions to be held will include information exchange mechanisms and capabilities of IFC-IOR, maritime domain awareness, non-traditional and illegal maritime activities, maritime law enforcement, capability enhancement and capacity building, ways to enhance mutual interaction and cooperation, etc. Are.
  • Apart from the main program on the occasion of the workshop, a special visit has also been organized for the representatives of the navies of Australia and Indonesia to see the facilities available at the Indian Naval Training Ground at Kochi and M/s Cochin Shipyard Limited.

Trilateral Maritime Security Workshop (TMSW)

  • This trilateral military exercise started in the year 2016.
  • It is being organized on an annual basis.
  • The main objective of this workshop is to enhance mutual understanding on issues related to maritime security, learn ways to combat terrorism and maritime crime, and enhance cooperation among military professionals.
  • It is a non-maneuver military exercise. This includes maritime operations, coordination of naval forces, investigation and rescue operations, etc.
  • The exercise reflects significant military and strategic cooperation between India, the US and Japan. It helps these countries maintain peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

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