Telangana generates electricity from vegetable waste

telangana generates electricity from vegetable waste, Biogas plant, Bowenpally Vegetable Market

Telangana has decided to generate electricity from vegetable waste. This form of the power of innovation will be seen in the Bowenpally Vegetable Market of Telangana. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also praised Bowenpally Vegetable Market’s innovative waste management system, a first-of-its-kind bio-electricity, bio-fuel and bio-manure generation project in an episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat’.

Electricity generated by Telangana’s Bowenpally vegetable market

Vegetables rot in vegetable markets due to various reasons, leading to unhygienic conditions. In such a situation, traders in Bowenpally vegetable market of Hyderabad, Telangana have adopted the method of generating electricity from waste vegetables. About 10 tonnes of waste collected daily in this mandi, which was earlier use for landfill. But now electricity is being generate from the waste of these vegetables.

Srinivas, Secretary, Bowenpally Vegetable Market, informed that about 500 units of electricity and 30 kg of bio-fuel are being generate from the vegetable and fruit waste collected from the market. This electricity generated by the market is being made available for streetlights, 170 stalls, an administrative building and water supply network.

The canteen at Bowenpally Mandi requires 650-700 units of electricity and on an average 400 units of electricity can be generated from 7-8 tonnes of vegetable waste. Due to this, the cleanliness of the market is also maintained and the level of pollution has also reduced. Various international delegates have visited the plant at Bowenpally Mandi and appreciated our efforts.

Important information about Waste-to-Energy Plant

This biogas plant funded by the Department of Biotechnology and Department of Agriculture Marketing Telangana, Geetanath (2021). This Plant established under the guidance and patented technology of CSIR-IICT. The plant executed by Hyderabad-based Ahuja Engineering Services Private Limited.

How does Bowenpally’s Waste-to-Energy Plant made electricity from vegetable waste?

  • Every day 10 tonnes of waste generated in Mandi is being converte into electricity through this plant.
  • Vegetables cut into small pieces and run over a conveyor belt to a shredder. Then the pulp is make by grinding the vegetables.
  • The prepared slurry is then fed to anaerobic digesters.
  • The gas generated from here is store in the balloon till the next use.

Advantages of Waste-to-Energy Plant

  • The establishment of this plant provides women with the opportunity to do tasks such as sorting and segregating waste, operating machinery and managing administrative tasks.
  • Apart from gas, bio-fertilizer also obtained from this plant.
  • This biogas plant helps in reducing the electricity bill by half.
  • Liquid organic manure used as fertilizer in farmers’ fields.

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